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TatrySki Pass

A common ski pass for skiing in different resorts! Our skiing guests do not always like to ski for a few days "from the same hill", hence the idea of introducing a common ski pass "TatrySki”, which covers the entire area.

This pass (as our southern neighbors say) “wields” not only on Kotelnica, Bania and Kaniówka, but also on Litwinka, Koziniec-Czarna Góra, Jurgów, in the Slovak ski Bachledova (Ždiar) and Palenica of Szczawnica. A common ski pass is, in a substantial part, also the Kotelnica’s initiative.

For those who cannot or do not want to use car, our station and sister stations provide free transport for skier with skibuses in the Białka Tatrzańska area, as well as from several nearby places.

More information on the joint ski pass on the website