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Latest investments in the Kotelnica Białczańska

Since the last winter season skiers visiting the Kotelnica Białczańska Ski Resort can use the new cable railway (chairlift), the seventh in this resort and the ninth in Białka Tatrzańska. A modern lift is called Remiaszów and is marked on the map of the resort with the number IX. This is the second so modern lift, after the chairlift number VIII put to use the year before and located on the slopes of Jankulakowski Wierch.

The lifts numbered VIII and IX, built with the financial support of the European Union, are among the most modern in Poland. Both are equipped with 6-passenger heated benches, on which even 3,000 snow frenzy admirers can be carried in one hour. Both lifts have also an innovative system that allows the transport of children under the height of 125 cm. The system consists of automatically open and lockable controlled frame. In addition, there is also an adjustable belt conveyor used for picking travelers up. It automatically measures height of persons sitting on the chair to adjust its height to the lowest person. On a windy day at the disposal of travelers there are also automatically closed and opened bubble windshields.

The largest ski resort in the Podhale region does not relieve the pace and is already planning further investments, among them building a parking lot at the lift number IX, which can accommodate more than 500 cars. Until the parking lot near the newest ski lift is built, one may get there using a skibus, which is free of charge and runs every 30 minutes from the bottom station of the lift number I to the Remiaszów lift and back.


The Jankulakowski lift is 800 meters long and starts in the valley between the peaks Wysoki Wierch and Jankulakowski Wierch, and it carries skiers and snowboarders on the top of the latter peak. After reaching the top, amateurs of the snow frenzy can use the mild, 900 meter long route number 9, passing under the rail. The route is equipped with a snowmaking system and groomed daily. Thanks to installing dozens of lamps, skiing here is also possible after dark. From the top station on the Jankulakowski Wierch you can also take the route no. 8 or 8a to the lower station of the Pasieka Express lift (VI) or Kotelnica III.


Cable chairlift Remiaszów starts near the Potok Remiaszów, from which it takes its name, and carries skiers and snowboarders to the top of Wysoki Wierch. 4-minutes ride with a speed of 5 m/s is very comfortable using one of the 59 heated seats. Thanks to a modern system of getting on the youngest skiers and snowboarders can easily get to the top of the 900 meter long artificially snowed and illuminated route number 10, which is classified as easy in terms of the difficulty level.