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The downhill route

In the Kotelnica Białczańska Ski Resort a new DH run biking route - "KOŁSTER" was created, which will surely provide many positive emotions while riding two wheels.

KOŁSTER starts at the top station of the 3-seat chairlift, marked on a map with number I, which in the summer season carries tourists to the top of Kotelnica. The route is very diverse. A little bit faster sections, with ski jumps and profiled ground curved segments, interweave with slower and more technical sections routed on the wooden bridges of the north shore type.

The newly opened DH run biking route on Kotelnica is the first of three that were planned for the resort. It should also be remembered that around the station, there are more than a dozen routes for cycling road bikes and the top of Kotelnica is a great starting point for many bike tours.