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Hannes Rudigier and Tino Stojak triumph in the FIS European Cup in Białka Tatrzańska

Obrazek artykułu Hannes Rudigier and Tino Stojak triumph in the FIS European Cup in Białka Tatrzańska3 lata, 5 miesięcy temuThe Garmin Winter Sports Festival 2019 has been over. For two days skiers, snowboarders and cyclists from 13 countries competed at the Kotelnica Białczańska Ski Resort. The title of the Polish Champion in Freesking was defended by Szczepan Karpiel-Bułecka.

Beautiful weather, excellent conditions and breathtaking tricks concured to form a unique sports spectacle that tourists and skiers visiting the Kotelnica Białczańska Ski Resort could admire today. As part of the Garmin Winter Sports Festival 2019, the finals of the ski and snowboard competition of the FIS European Cup in Big Air took place. The competitors had to hit 3 single jumps, of which two better were scored.

The winner was Hannes Rudigier who made, among others, Double Cork 1260 Double Japan Grab, which is three and a half spin around one's own axis while grabbing the skis with both hands.

"I am happy that everything has panned out so well for me. The level of the competition was high, very good competitors came. I'm happy with my tricks, especially that one of them I showed for the first time during the competition. I would like to thank the organizers for the preparation of this competition and the positive atmosphere that was here." - said the Austria's representative, who is currently the third in the FIS European Cup general classification in the Big Air competition and the first in the classification of slopestyle competition.

The winner of Friday qualifications - Victor White from Barbados - placed second. This competitor, who trains in Sweden, showed tricks including Double Cork 1260 Blunt, which was the highest-ranked evolution of today's finals, unfortunately the rank for the second of the scored jumps was not enough to win.

The third was Miika Virkki from Finland, and the fourth - Szczepan Karpiel-Bułecka who, performing the Switch Double Cork 1080 Safety Grab, showed that in the arsenal he has tricks which allow him to compete with leaders. At the same time, this skier from Zakopane, for the 11th time in his career, reached for the Polish Champion title of the Polish Ski Federation in Freeskiing. The best among women was Elvira Ros who made, among others, Switch Rightside 540 Mute Grab.

Tino Stojak, the leader of the general classification of the FIS European Cup in the Big Air competition, won today the snowboarders competition. Due to an injury, the Croatia's representative saved his energy during yesterday's qualifications, in which he placed seventh, but during the finals he was unrivaled. His highest-ranked evolution was the Cab Cork 1080 Tail Grab, which is 3 spins from a back edge.

"I must honestly say that this was the best FIS European Cup competition I have ever entered. Organization, great sponsors, very positive atmosphere - everything was amazing. Conditions were good today. We had the right speed, which was very important. I am happy with my jumps and win, and also with holding the top position in the European Cup general classification." - the young Croatian summed up.

The second was the qualification winner - Matija Milenkovic from Serbia, who got the best ranks for the Cab Double Underflip 900. The third place was defended by the Slovakian Boris Karolcik who showed, among others, Switch Backside 720 Melon. The best among Poles - Piotr Tokarczyk - secured the fourth place making such evolutions as Frontside 1080 Tailgrab.

The next win in this season took Martyna Maciejewska who jumped a powerful Frontflip with Nose Grab on a great hill (around 25 meters of flying at a height of 7 meters). Thanks to this evolution the young Polish representative recently won the FIS European Cup competition in Sarajevo, and the next great score on her record strengthens her position as the leader of the whole series.

After the skiers and snowboarders on the hill came up cyclists who fought today for the World Cup points of the FMB World Tour. For the fourth time in a row they created an incredible spectacle, amazing the audience and contestants with great jumps and evolutions of the difficulty level growing with each passing moment.

The winner was Dawid Godziek, whose Twister No Hander is one of the most difficult evolution performed currently on a mountain bike! Marek Łebek placed second. The winner of the Garmin Winter Sports Festival in the last year presented great Cashroll. Yuri Starosta from Ukraine took the lowest step of the podium thanks to Backflip with a double Tailwhip.

This was still not the end of the emotions that awaited today the fans who gathered in Białka Tatrzańska. Most of the contestants competing earlier in the FIS European Cup finals, as well as independent participants competed at the end of the day in finals in the open category. Again - Rudigier, Ros, Stojak and Maciejewska stood on the top steps of the podium. It is worth paying attention to the great result of Kamil Knop, who made the beautiful Backside Double Cork 1080 Mute. Among the skiers Jan Krzysztof Jr. placed second, he is the winner of the Polish Vice-champion title of the Polish Ski Federation in Freeskiing, and himself made wooden cups that went to the best male and female competitors in individual categories.

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