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Spectacular FIS Europa Cup again on 14 and 15 February in Białka Tatrzańska

Obrazek artykułu Spectacular FIS Europa Cup again on 14 and 15 February in Białka Tatrzańska3 lata, 7 miesięcy temuThe FIS Europa Cup competition will already take place for the second year in a row at the Kotelnica Białczańska Ski Resort. On 14 and 15 February, as part of the Garmin Winter Sports Festival 2020, skiers and snowboarders will compete in the spectacular Big Air competition. On the large ski jump which will be located right next to the 6-seater chairlift Kotelnica Express, we will see competitors from Austria, Croatia, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, and Italy.

The final start list will be announced a few days before the competition, however especially for skiers it may get longer. Since the first competition this season in Austrian St. Anton has been cancelled, competing in the Europa Cup in the Big Air will not start until 8 February in the Slovak Kremnica, from where it will move to Białka Tatrzańska. After the competition in Poland, two more stops are planned in Davos in Switzerland and Götschen in Germany. This year's season will be very short and every opportunity counts in the chase for places in the general classification.

Snowboarders have already competed in the French Vars. The competition in Götschen, which was scheduled for 8 February, was rescheduled for March, so Garmin Winter Sports Festival 2020 will be the second stop of the FIS Europa Cup in the Big Air competition this season. The next eight events will be take place, among others, in Switzerland, Serbia, Russia, and Austria.

A unique attraction during the festival in Białka Tatrzańska will surely be the competition of cyclists on a ski jump prepared specially for them. Flying at a height of several meters above the snow and breathtaking evolutions form unusual spectacle which is worth seeing live. The more so because the admission to the event is free, and during the breaks in rooting you can go crazy skiing and snowboarding.

Saturday finals can be watched live on and on the YouTube channel of the Garmin Winter Sports Festival.

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