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Spartan Sprint Kotelnica Białczańska! Poles on the podium to start the season!

Obrazek artykułu Spartan Sprint Kotelnica Białczańska! Poles on the podium to start the season!4 lata temuOn Saturday, 18th May, on the Kotelnica Białczańska slope, the first event of the Spartan series this year took place. Nearly 1,500 participants faced the Sprint Distance, that is the run with 20 obstacles. The route was 6.3 km long. There were also the youngest - nearly 200 children faced with easier versions of obstacles and own version of the route.

The Elite wave, that is competitors fighting for a place on the podium and financial prizes, started at 9:00 AM. 15 minutes later the time has come for the Womens' elite. The best on the route was Pole - Piotr Łobodziński, who crossed the finish line with the time of 35:05. The next steps on the podium were taken by Slovaks - Peter Mlynar and Peter Ziska. There were also successes among Polish female contestants. The second place was taken by Katarzyna Baranowska, who had to give the supremacy to Eszter Hortobágyiova. Martina Fabiánová stood on the lowest step of the podium.

The Spartan Race route resembles life - you never know what to expect. On Saturday for participants there were waiting abatis, walls, balance beams and climbing a rope. For unfinished obstacles, the participant had to perform the penalty 30 burpees, i.e. "down and up". Once the run was over, one could see real satisfaction, which will be brought back by a commemorative medal.

Photos of the run coming soon on the official fanpage of the Spartan Race Poland:

After Kotelnica Spartan is going to Krynica, which is its cradle in Poland. On 24th-25th August, Ultra Trifecta Weekend will take place in Krynica-Zdrój, that will be 3 races in just two days: from the extreme Ultra (50+ km) through Super (13+ km) to the Sprint distance again!

Spartan is one of the oldest and most expanded obstacle course races in the world, in which over one million participants take part annually. Polish editions have been organized for five years.

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Spartan Race is an innovative obstacle course race on a global scale. The three basic runs differ in terms of distance, number of obstacles and difficulty levels. Distance Spartan SPRINT (5+ km, 25+ obstacles), Spartan SUPER (13+ km, 30+ obstacles) and Spartan BEAST (20+ km, 35+ obstacles). The route of the race is peppered with various obstacles: mud, barbed wire, walls, ropes and fire. If a participant runs these 3 distances, he gets a special medal called TRIFECTA.

Runs for children and youth (distance from 750 m to 2.5 km) are also organized, as well as Spartan Special (course for disabled or handicapped people). Hurricane Heat (bootcamp style challenge) and Ultra Beast (40+ km, 60+ obstacles) are an offer for the most demanding.