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Starting "on a high note"

Obrazek artykułu Starting 1 rok, 2 miesiące temuWe are not going to hide that every event is stress for us. Each first meeting is a double stress. Luckily, the first meeting under this year's edition of "Stay Safe While Skiing" campaign we consider a good sign. Everything aided us - from weather to participants. The action on Kotelnica Białczańska is just behind us, and we can't wait for the next one.

Although one can't see this, the first talks of our "working group" on this year's edition of "Stay Safe While Skiing" started already in autumn last year. After all, it was necessary to tie up everything, make plans, get partners. These were hours of conversations (sometimes very difficult), lots of messages, plans and strategies. And all this to let participants of the "Stay Safe While Skiing" campaign learn in a few hours as much as possible about safe skis.

The way of "serving" knowledge remains unchanged for us. In winter, we try to hit the young ones through play, and from last year also in summer. As it turns out - this is the right way.

- Some people do not know how to behave on a slope, and if at least once, one person after today remembers how to behave, that is already a success - explains Marcin Bagiński from the Podhale Rescue Team.

We started the campaign "Stay Safe While Skiing" Anno Domini 2019 "on a high note", first of all - the weather. Winter in Podhale is beautiful and attracts skiers. Secondly, the date - not accidental. The first days of winter holidays, which means tourists, skiers and snowboarders. Both - those already seasoned and those who put their first slides on the snow. We, as the organizers of the preventive action, are invariably happy that there are more and more people in helmets on the slope.

This year's action, like the previous ones, is fun and learning. Animations for the youngest, competitions, funny wall - that's the one thing. Learning first aid, talking with the uniformed services, and the opportunity to test drunk goggles - the second thing. Something for the soul. And something for the body. This year we're taking everyone for the first time to, among others, the cross-country skiing World Cup routes (after all, our ambassador is Justyna Kowalczyk). However, we do not require a champion form or getting into the team. Everything thanks to our partner Thorax Trainer. Thanks to modern technologies, we can do dry training all year round, and the participants of our meeting could try their hand at the Kotelnica slopes. Those who did not use the Kotelnica ski ergometers will be able to catch up during our next actions.

At the end, we took the older ones back to the childhood times, and to the younger ones we showed how back then people used to play. That was, of course, the "after lifting" version. Since we tested an inflatable banana pulled by a snowmobile.

There were many more attractions. For us, the greatest reward were happy and smiling faces. And we hope that these smiles will not disappear, they will stay with us until the last event in February. Another meeting "Stay Safe While Skiing" on 20 January, on the slopes of Jurgów Ski in Jurgów. Details of the event can be found on our website, Facebook profile and Instagram.

The patronage of the 4th edition of the "Stay Safe While Skiing" campaign was taken by the Starost of the Nowotarski Poviat - Krzysztof Faber.