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Extreme Hunt Run in 2020 in Białka Tatrzańska - Kotelnica Białczańska will be the final!

Obrazek artykułu Extreme Hunt Run in 2020 in Białka Tatrzańska - Kotelnica Białczańska will be the final!4 lata temuOn 20-23 August 2020 in Białka Tatrzańska on Kotelnica the next edition of the Hunt Run competition and the second formula of the Sports and Music Festival will take place. I the main concert there will perform a group selected by the festival participants' community. Almost 1300 competitors are already on the start lists.

What will Hunt Run Kotelnica Białczańska look like in 2020?

The formula of the competition will remain the same. The obstacle race will take place as always in a wild climate. We decided to keep the distance of the Mighty Boar of 18km, which turned out to be a nice challenge for experienced "Boars" and in its debut it got great interest and approval. We will also continue runs for children - Little Boars and families. We were the first in Poland to introduce the Family Boar formula in 2018, which was an excellent idea, as it's great to look at parents running with children. Thanks to this formula, we promote family activity and integrate parents with children and siblings - says Adam Sułowski, the event organizer.

Evening parties

In addition to the main race competition, evening events will be continued. It seems that one taking place in the 2019 season got great approval from every participant - together with the concert of Nocny Kochanek and the entire event was attended by almost 4,000 people.

It is said that the organizers of the event in 2019, i.e. Kotelnica Białczańska and Hunt Run, deserve an Oscar for the report from 2019. As a reminder, a movie with K. Czubówna's dubbing can be watched at the link below. Apparently, no one from the organizing group has been invited to the Oscar Gala.

It may not be banging like previous productions, still it has a completely different value and feature. What will be the coverage of 2020, we will see, but there are reportedly new ideas that will cause a lot of confusion.

On 21 October, on the official Hunt Run website, online registration for sports competitions and events began. Starter packages are available at the same prices as in 2019.

The limit of participants is 4,000 people, as the main starts are scheduled only for Friday (Mighty Boar) and Saturday (Hardy and Good Boar). In the case of greater interest, the organizers will add extra waves, but rather on Friday, because on Saturday there will be no place to squeeze additional waves - the point is for the participants to reach the finish at a specific time and to make to the concerts. Sunday will be a Family Day, i.e. starts for children and families. How soon the limits will run out, we will see.

Attention! This year it has been decided that every participant in any race will have free entry to the evening events. The moral is that it is worth being active.

In addition to the start in the competition, you will be able to choose an additional option which will be a camping site. The organizers will try to make even more space for tents than in the previous year so that it can easily accommodate over 1,500 people.

Hunt Run final in Białka Tatrzańska.

Next year, 3 Hunt Run events will take place all over Poland and the whole cycle will be expanded with a new formula, i.e. with Ninja tracks reminiscent of TV Ninja Warrior broadcast on Polsat. The event finals will be held at Kotelnica. It will be the largest event of the entire cycle.

The official announcement of the event for 2019 can be seen at the following link:

For information, please contact: Adam Sułowski, phone: 600 410 038

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